The Oxford Harriman & Company Team

daniel axelson

Daniel Axelson

Managing Director
& Partner

mark bailey

Mark S. Bailey

Managing Partner &
Senior PIM Portfolio Manager

ginger baker

Ginger L. Baker

Relationship Manager & Financial Advisor

dennis barba oxford harriman

Dennis Barba

CEO & Managing Partner

daniel bezik oxford harriman

Daniel J. Bezik, CRPC®

Managing Partner

wojciech biernat

Wojciech “Wojtek” Biernat

Senior Investment Strategist
& Financial Advisor

Dan Carter Oxford Harriman

Dan Carter, CFP®

Managing Director & Partner

thomas cometa oxford harriman

Thomas Cometa

Managing Director & Partner

Dennis Devane Oxford Harriman

Dennis Devane, CRPC®

Managing Director & Partner

Thomas C. Erb Oxford Harriman

Thomas C. Erb

Managing Director & Partner


Robert Frenkel, CFP®

Senior Managing Director, Partner,
Chief Investment Officer

david gallina oxford harriman detroit

David A. Gallina

Managing Director
& Partner

Mikal Haddad Oxford Harriman & Co.

Mikal Haddad, CFP®

Managing Director and Partner

melissa halloran

Melissa Halloran

Vice President & Director of Operations

edward hill

Edward Hill, CFP®

Managing Director & Partner

Kery Hutner Oxford Harriman

Kery Hutner, CFP®

Managing Director
& Partner

jessica jackson

Jessica Jackson

Associate Director,
Marketing & Operations

james e. makee oxford harriman

James Makee

Executive Vice President & Partner

jack makee Oxford Harriman

Jack Makee

Financial Advisor

john maser

John H. Maser, CFP®

Managing Director & Partner

philip meltzer

Philip Meltzer, CFP®

Managing Director
& Partner

lizette pagan

Lizette Pagán

Vice President
& Managing Principal

greg perram

Greg Perram, CFP®

Managing Director
& Partner

chuck reinemann oxford harriman

Chuck Reinemann, CRPC® CIMA®

Managing Director &
Executive Vice President

sal saetta oxford harriman

Salvatore Saetta

Senior Vice President


mike verda

Mike Verda, AAMS

Managing Director
& Partner

jaime zarlenga-siegler

Jaime Zarlenga-Siegler, CFP®

Managing Director
& Partner

Brian Zeid

Brian A. Zeid

Senior Managing Director,
Partner & Director of Strategy

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