Michelle Saville

Senior Client Associate

Michelle Saville is a distinguished Senior Client Associate with a remarkable 28-year career in financial services, most prominently serving at Wells Fargo Advisors.

Her exceptional skillset in fostering and managing customer relationships sets her apart in the financial services sector. As the primary liaison for clients, Michelle adeptly manages their day-to-day needs, ensuring their accounts are properly maintained and client expectations are exceeded.

Michelle exemplifies the epitome of professional excellence and personal commitment to making a positive impact in both her professional and local communities. Her career is a testament to the profound influence a resolute individual can have through both their professional endeavors and community involvement.

Her commitment to community service is evidenced by her significant volunteer work in Raleigh, NC, where she contributed her talents to The Produce Project, helping deliver fresh produce to families in need, and the Boys and Girls Club, where she engaged in event planning. Additionally, her participation in a YMCA mini triathlon highlights her dedication to personal health and community engagement.

Newly Residing in Pensacola, FL, with her husband Dane, Michelle brings a wealth of experience and a spirit of community from her previous homes in Raleigh, NC, and the Cleveland, OH, area. Currently, she is looking to extend her passion for service to the Pensacola Humane Society, seeking volunteer opportunities to make a difference in her new community.

In her leisure, Michelle is an avid kayaker, a voracious reader, and enjoys spending quality time with their beloved dog, Gemma.

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