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We believe it’s time to rethink your relationship with your current firm.

We Believe It’s Time for You to Take Control!

  • You deserve a fresh start
  • You deserve to be treated with respect
  • You deserve to own your client relationships
  • You deserve to be an advocate for your clients
  • You deserve to have fun in this business
  • You deserve to be happy


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Oxford Harriman & Company

Boutique Culture with a Wirehouse  Infrastructure

With more than 350 years of combined experience, our partners are professionals in providing comprehensive and collaborative wealth management services to high-net-worth individuals, families, businesses, institutions, non-profits, trusts, and endowments.

As an independent practice on the Wells Fargo Advisors Financial Network (WFAFN) platform, our partners benefit from one of the most comprehensive platforms in the business; we believe the WFAFN platform is integrated into one of the most secure, diverse, and comprehensive back-office solutions in the industry.

When you establish a partnership with Oxford Harriman & Company, we support the growth of your business. The culture and environment we have carefully crafted encourages all our advisors to maintain their autonomy and act in the best interest of their clients. We strive to create an environment that is free from bureaucracy and not to interfere with your business. We know what it means to be client facing, to be an advisor, and to provide respect regarding your relationship with your clients.

A True Partnership

As you may notice through our continued use of this terminology, we place extreme value on the concept of partnership and how we work together with our partners. The definition of partnership is as follows:

A relationship between individuals or groups that is characterized by cooperation and responsibility, as for the achievement of a specified goal.

This Is How We Feel We Are Different.

Oxford Harriman & Co. is not only a company, but a team of partners, founded and managed by financial advisors. Our mission is to understand what you need to enjoy this business, and to support your efforts to work in a collaborative relationship with your clients.

Our clients and advisors are our top priority, and our culture drives our commitment to the growth and autonomy for our advisors and your clients.

Consider taking some time to learn what makes Oxford Harriman & Company a place where you can thrive and start having fun again.

Contact us today to start a discussion. We believe you will learn how a boutique company with a culture of trust and autonomy, combined with large firm capabilities, can change the way you think about this business.

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