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Wealth Management & Planning Services for Coaches and Professionals

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Financial Services for Sports Professionals

Basketball is a passion of ours. We’ve incorporated our life-long love for the sport into our company’s very fabric by implementing financial programs and offerings that fully help to address the needs of clients in the sports profession.

As a coach or sports professional, you have complex and dynamic needs when it comes to wealth management and investment planning.

Often where you live can be temporary, your benefits vary among institutions, your salary never follows a continuous path, and employment opportunities are scarce.

At Oxford Harriman & Company, we understand the dynamic nature of your career, and we are here to support coaches, players and sports executives in all aspects of wealth management and investment planning.

The Unique Financial Needs of Coaches

If you work as a coach, your career path differs from most occupations. Long hours, extensive travel, and more frequent job changes are part of the profession.

Also, your earnings path differs vastly from other professions. A career in coaching may mean working for nearly free at times while your peers are making close to six figures. A coach can find him or herself in a transition period, between positions, where living off savings becomes a necessity.

And in the world of coaching, prime earning years can occur at any time in your career. It is not uncommon for a coach to earn a large percentage of their lifetime earnings within a single contract.

You need to embrace this financial reality, as it’s essential to creating your overall plan.

Retirement for Sports Professionals

Many of our corporate clients have the opportunity to retire on their own terms. But this is often not the case for professionals in your arena.

Many times the world of sports will retire you, and it can occur when you least expect it.

So how many chances do you have to get this right? The answer is usually one. Everything you will work for your entire life depends on getting this right the first and only time.

Our Promise To You

At Oxford Harriman and Company, we make these promises to our sports industry clients:

Our Founder and President Dennis Barba is often asked what it is that Oxford Harriman and Company does. He often answers, “We worry a lot.”

When asked what he’s worried about, Dennis responds, “We worry about what you should be worried about.”

Let us help you do your job better by striving to remove the worry about your personal wealth management. We are here to help you take control of your financial future.

We hope to have an opportunity to meet with you and discuss how we can become teammates with you and your family.

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