Glen Kashetsky


Glen Kashetsky is a Partner with Oxford Harriman & Company, as well as a member of the practice’s investment policy committee.

Prior to joining Oxford Harriman Glen was an executive director with J.P. Morgan Securities. Glen also served as a Senior Vice President at Chase Investment Services Group, as well as a Vice President with Morgan Stanley, all in New York City.

Glen focuses on providing comprehensive, holistic investment and estate planning strategies to individuals, corporate executives, and institutions.

Glen’s nearly two decades in financial services is marked by a knowledge and understanding of corporate benefits programs, liability management, and in-depth estate planning strategies. His experience and strategic advice help clients to unlock value in their deferred compensation, and are designed to provide strategic strategies in regards to restricted stock and the use of life insurance. He designs specific strategies to address an often overlooked need that many families have, who may lack a plan to transfer their assets in an efficient manner.

Glen graduated from Ithaca College with a B.S. degree in Business and lives on Long Island. He has two sons. Glen has served as Treasurer, Executive Board Member, and coach of the Albertson Soccer Club, one of the leading non-profit soccer clubs in the country. Glen was also the Director of the Disaster Relief Program for the North Shore Animal League, traveling throughout the country in an effort to save animals affected by natural disasters.

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