Market Commentary 6/8/22

The S&P 500 was slightly positive during May. While the 0.2% return was a welcome sight after April’s -8.8% performance, the S&P 500 remained volatile with the index down more than 5% at its lowest point. Bonds likewise produced positive total returns in May as Treasury yields stabilized.

Market Commentary 5/11/22

Volatility is back, with a vengeance. On Thursday, May 5th, the Dow dropped over 1000 points after being up over 900 points the day before. We want to review some factors contributing to the current market decline.

Market Commentary 5/3/22

Stocks remained volatile during the last week of April. The S&P 500 Index produced a -8.8% total return during April, and smaller cap stocks performed even worse, as the Russell 2000 Index declined by nearly 10%. Nearly all growth sectors declined by double digits for the month as interest rates moved higher. For the first …

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MarketWatch: A Roller Coaster Ride – 2022’s Unstable Fiscal First Quarter

From MarketWatch: Oxford Harriman partners Glen Kashetsky and Mikal Haddad examine the events contributing to the overall volatility of the market during the first quarter of 2022. These events include the Federal Reserve’s increased interest rate- the first since December 2018- in addition to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. High inflationary pressure is also ongoing as a result of increases in supply costs and continued supply chain delays.

Market Commentary 4/19/22

U.S. Savings Rate The U.S. personal savings rate jumped to an all-time high of 33.8% in April 2020. Stimulus checks, enhanced unemployment benefits, and a decline in consumer spending all boosted personal savings during the pandemic. Additionally, homeowners were able to lower their monthly mortgage payments by refinancing their home loans and locking in mortgage …

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Importance of Estate Planning

Six Common Estate Planning Mistakes to Avoid. The following list outlines six common estate planning strategy mistakes that can be easily avoided. Such errors often lead to costly consequences which could be circumvented with proper planning. Download Estate Planning Article Trust services available through banking and trust affiliates in addition to non-affiliated companies of Wells …

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