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for your retirement

We believe one of your most important financial goals should be preparing yourself for retirement.

Traditionally, retirement income was provided by company pension plans, Social Security and inheritance. Today, however, most companies no longer offer pension plans. Higher expenses toward the end of life and pursuing items on a bucket list can erode the amount of any inheritance. And Social Security? Who knows what the future holds.

That’s why it’s important to put a plan in place designed to help you be fully prepared for funding the well-earned retirement you deserve. We prefer to meet with new clients three to five years before their expected retirement date; this allows ample time for proper planning, and time to effect change and implement preretirement strategies and action steps. Here’s how we’ll go about it:

We start by gaining a good understanding of your immediate and long-term goals, including retirement. Our first meeting together will range from 45 minutes to an hour and will be spent gathering your financial numbers and listening closely to you as you articulate your goals, needs and concerns.

We’ll ask you questions, such as, “When do you want to retire? How much income will you need in retirement to support your desired lifestyle? Will you need to care for a special needs child? Are you paying for a child’s or grandchild’s college? Do you wish to sell your home and relocate in retirement? If so, what if living in your new location costs more than where you live now, resulting in your not being able to lead the life you envisioned and do the things you love?”

During our second meeting, we’ll present the wealth management plan we crafted based on the information you shared during our first meeting. Using our Envision and e-Money Goal Planning programs, we can simulate various market scenarios and stress-test a variety of possible outcomes. We call this the probability of success – because that’s how life works. It’s probabilities, not certainty. Assumptions are just that and are subject to change. It’s why we consider retirement and investment planning lifelong, interactive pursuits.

We pair the results from your investment plan with actionable steps. We align your current investments to an appropriate timeframe and risk tolerance allocation. We adjust how much or what type of account(s) – such as IRA, Roth, 401(k), employee stock purchase plans and non-retirement accounts – you’re currently using to fund your savings goal. It might also mean resetting your goals to more realistically attainable ones that are sustainable and have a higher probability of success.

While our planning process begins with meetings, it doesn’t end there. We will meet with you to review your plan as this endeavor will evolve. There are things beyond our control, such as inflation, or market volatility – or just the fact that “life happens.” Our mandate is to assist you not only in developing your wealth management plan, but also in managing your plan to adapt to changing circumstances.

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