with centers of influence

We have many longstanding alliances with credit unions, accounting firms, insurance firms and benefits providers. These relationships, created through the Wells Fargo Advisors Professional Partners Program, allow us to provide more comprehensive services to our clients and bring more coordination and cohesion to all of their financial, accounting, insurance and retirement benefits matters.

Working together with our professional alliances, we have the opportunity to give and receive referrals and work closely together in the best interest of our mutual clients. Our professional partners also have the opportunity to share revenue generated from referring their clients.

“We believe these professional alliances are a win-win for both the firms we work with and the clients they serve.”


to credit union members

Our team has over 25 years of experience working with credit unions and their members. When credit unions develop a strategic relationship with our team, they and their clients can benefit from our financial planning and investment experience and the vast resources and solid strength of Raymond James. Through such collaboration and referral, we can do more for clients – yours and ours.

This includes creating financial plans for clients based on the important financial matters and goals in their lives. For some, it can mean creating a college savings plan or addressing insurance coverages, while for others it encompasses retirement planning, estate planning and the generational transfer of wealth.


as part of the plan

We collaborate with accounting firms and CPAs to help clients address the important tax matters in their financial lives and understand any tax exposure challenges they may encounter. The firms and professionals we align with help counsel clients on key issues such as Roth conversions, required minimum distributions, gifting opportunities and tax loss harvesting to mitigate capital gains.



for industry professionals

We collaborate with knowledgeable insurance specialists to provide a wide array of quality insurance solutions designed to provide an important layer of safety for clients, their families, their businesses, and their organizations.

We can help build a protective cushion with life and disability insurance, preserve their estates with long-term care insurance and combine protection and provide tax-advantaged growth opportunities with annuities.


for company benefits

We collaborate with benefits providers to serve clients who are plan sponsors and plan participants of pensions and company retirement plans such as 401(k) and 503(b) plans. Working together, we help individuals save for retirement, manage stock options and navigate their options once they retire.

We also help key executives establish and manage employee retirement plans and provide guidance regarding their financial and fiduciary responsibilities.

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