Market Commentary 04/04/23

The yield curve is a fundamental tool in finance that plots the interest rate on bonds relative to time to maturity. Most of the time, the yield curve slopes upward, indicating that long-term bonds pay higher interest rates than short-term bonds. The shape of the yield curve is closely monitored by investors and economists, as it can provide insights into future economic conditions. Historically, yield curve inversion between the 10-year and 2-year Treasury rates has been a reliable indicator of an upcoming recession. We have commented on this topic several times over the years and wanted to discuss this again.

An inverted yield curve occurs when the yields on short-term bonds exceed those of long-term bonds. Typically, this happens when investors are pessimistic about the economy’s prospects over the long term, leading to a demand for longer-term bonds which drive their yields down. This demand can be due to a variety of factors, including concerns about future inflation, geopolitical uncertainty, or a lack of confidence in the stock market. The recent yield curve inversion was presumably the result of rising inflation and the Feds response by increasing short term interest rates. There is a lag effect to these actions, as it takes time for inflation and higher rates to impact the economy and see the resulting slowdown. The current inversion in the yield curve may be the result of investor concern that the Fed will raise rates too fast or too far thus having negative economic implications.

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